Missing Reference Map Menu

In some cases the menu for the reference map will not load, the solution is to ensure the web address includes the www ie www.hkmaps.hk this should fix the problem


The Map Viewer window includes the following features

HK Image

The list of background and overlays will appear when the Map Selection Button is pressed. The list can be cleared by pressing the button again

HK Image

When the map information button is pressed, a new window will show the map information. When the kml button is pressed, a file selection window will allow the user to select a kml,gpx, json oe geojson file The file is read and only displayed locally. To clear the track, just referesh the webpage.

HK Image

About Me

I am an engineer and have worked on many of the major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and the wider region. Over the years, I have collected copies of old maps and started this web site in 2016 to share the historic maps of Hong Kong and Southern China. I have collected the maps from many sources and try to provide a reference where available. With nearly 100 maps, the managment of the website was becoming complex, thus during 2021 I re-built the website to make it easier to maintain and provide additional functions, including:
- additional background map options
- hidden map menu
- upload kml and gpx files
- location indicator
- map information
- scale bar
- longitude and latitude display



If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas on how to improve the site, please contact: oldhkmaps@gmail.com